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Social Media Success Self Teach Courses

Comfortable on Social Media but Online Sales just not coming in ?

I get it - I was there too.  Everyone is telling you Online is where it's at but it's just not happening?  Find yourself wondering:

How do you gain followers that aren't weirdos or abroad? 

Where do you find your target audience?

What the heck are you meant to post & how often?

How do you post about your business without peeing everyone off?

Which #s should you use or not use?

What should your bio say?

How do you monetise your activity instead of feeling you are just wasting time?

Should you advertise?


Sound like you?  Then these courses might help.  With self-study modules that you work through at your own pace, it is designed to build your confidence and give you a strategy that works - it's time to empower your Online Strategy!

Course cost only £14

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Self Teach Courses

Work at your own pace through the 19 self teach modules.  Study, digest, rinse and repeat


For all levels

Whatever level your Social Media knowledge is at you will find these courses deliver!


Interactive Exercises

The program takes you through a set of exercises to increase your confidence and knowledge

Ready to improve your Social Media Strategy today?

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